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Savion Glover: Novo espetáculo em Nova York

O The New York Times publicou matéria (em 19.06.2013) sobre o novo espetáculo de Savion Glover no Joyce Theater. Um trecho:

Within the first minutes of “STePz,” the playful new Savion Glover show that opened a three-week run at the Joyce Theater on Tuesday, all but one of its essential elements are established. As usual for this virtuoso tap dancer, there’s an amplified platform. Unusually, there’s recorded music. Mr. Glover, at his most relaxed and appealing, is joined by Marshall Davis Jr. and three accomplished female hoofers: Ayodele Casel, Sarah Savelli and Robyn Watson. They’re all having a ball.

The use of recorded music causes some major sound balance problems. But the upside is variety: tracks by John Coltrane, Miles Davis and Charlie Parker, but also Prince, Stevie Wonder and Shostakovich. Both this range and Mr. Glover’s colleagues keep him from the insularity that can plague his performances.

A few numbers in, the final element is revealed: two small staircase pyramids like the ones on which Bill Robinson most famously danced almost a century ago. Mr. Glover and Mr. Davis tap up and down and all over these stairs, sometimes while matching the tricky syncopations of a Parker tune exactly. Both men are rhythmically precise, but Mr. Glover can also be physically reckless, thrillingly so, with no loss of precision. As a trumpet tosses a handful of notes skyward, he might hurl himself down the stairs, answering every note as he falls. (…)

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Savion Glover (foto de Andrea Mohin/The New York Times)

Savion Glover (foto de Andrea Mohin/The New York Times)

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